Bringing Clean Water to a Community in Ghana

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Thank you!

Our trip was a great success! Thank you all for your donations, support and even for taking the time to check this blog. Our Internet access was limited in Ghana, so we clearly could not update the blog. Our CWS organizer did however keep track of our progress on this blog ( It was an incredible project that we were all so lucky to be a part of. We had many life-changing experiences throughout the month, made some lifelong friends and were able to bring clean water to a rural village in northern Ghana that initially relied on a contaminated dugout. I cannot wait to venture back to Chanaayili within the next few years to see the kids grow up into healthy teenagers (and they will hopefully be able to build a school by then)! Thank you soo much!!!

Monday, November 8, 2010

Help us bring clean water to Ghana!
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Thank you so much!!
Annie, Sam, Karla & Hannah

Monday, November 1, 2010

We need your Support!

We will soon be embarking on a journey to build a water-filtration system in a rural village in Ghana. Great adventures, friendships and life-chaning experiences lie in the future (both for ourselves, as well as the families we will provide with clean water). As excited as we all may be for January, we are at present faced with the grande challange of raising over $10,000 for the trip! So, the next two months will require the support of all of our friends and family to help us reach our goal (click the link off to the right to donate). Check the Community Water Solutions website for more information and feel free to contact us with any questions! Meet the team below:

Annie McBride:
Annie, hailing from northern NJ, recently graduated from Georgetown University with studies in English, Environmental Science and Studio Art. She looks forward to helping supply the Ghanaian families with access to clean drinking water and exploring a part of the world she has not yet traveled.

Hannah Stonebraker:
Hannah is currently a sophomore at Middlebury College, where she will major in International Studies with a focus in African political science. After spending a month and a half in Senegal when she was 17, Hannah has developed a serious interest in Africa and is very excited for this trip!

Samantha Derrick:
Sam was born in NY, raised in MD and now currently resides in NC. She graduated from Clemson in 2008 with a BS in Health Science. After a three month stint in South Africa working as a Project Materials Developer for a Red Cross children's hospital, she looks forward to getting back to Africa and hopes to go on to grad school after the fellowship.

Karla Franco:
Karla was born in Mexico, raised in San Diego, and is currently working for the non-profit New Generation Energy in Boston. She is very enthusiastic about this opportunity and hopes to get more involved with international development in the future.